As a part of our initiative to further youth law education, the FBA has sought to provide community outreach experiences. FBA President, Hon. Michael Newman, has made it a priority to encourage and facilitate education among middle and high schoolers by inviting them to visit local and national courthouses in order to meet federal judges, law clerks, assistant U.S. attorneys, assistant federal public defenders, representatives from probation and pretrial, and members of law enforcement (FBI, U.S. Marshals, other agencies). These initiatives allow for children and young adults to witness the Constitution in action by providing a real experience for the future law makers and citizens of our country. We would like to thank Judge Kaufman for supporting this great program by hosting the local Girl Scouts troop at the Bankruptcy Courtroom in California!

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On Dec. 19, 2016, girl scout troop number 476 came for a tour of the San Fernando Valley Division and to meet with the Hon. Victoria S. Kaufman, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge. The troop members range from age 7 to 10 years old. A majority of the troop members are in the Leadership program at their school. The younger members (Brownies) are working on their Citizenship Badge, which entails interviewing a judge.

After a tour of the intake area and other areas of the San Fernando Valley Division, conducted by the Clerk’s staff, the troop members met with Judge Kaufman in her courtroom. Judge Kaufman gave a brief introduction and then answered the troop’s questions about what she does as a judge. After that, Judge Kaufman took pictures with the troop. The Girl Scouts then had a chance to have pictures taken of each of them, wearing a judicial robe in their size. At the end of the visit, the troop members sat together for snacks at the conference table in the library of the San Fernando Valley Division.