The transforming nature of employment law often presents ethical dilemmas for employment counsel and human resources staff. The Federal Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Law Conference seminar on ethical issues in employment litigation will address those unique issues on March 9-10.

The 2017 Labor & Employment Law Conference in San Antonio, Texas will survey several hot topics in the area of employment law and the ethical requirements and obligations of attorneys. Moderator Brian T. Rochel (Teske Micko Katz Kitzer & Rochel, PLLP) along with Edmond S. Moreland Jr. (Moreland Law Firm, P.C.), Tonia Lucio (Richards Rodriguez & Skeith LLP) and Ted Smith (Cornell Smith Mierl & Brutocao, LLP) will examine “Practical Ethical Issues in Employment Litigation and Advising.” Register for this innovative and valuable conference today at

In the continually evolving area of employment law, lawyers face a number of ethical questions.  The panel on ethics will discuss multiple representation issues (representing both the company and the employee); prelitigation communications; ethical conduct during settlement negotiations and mediation; inadvertently disclosed documents; issues arising with the representation of an organization as a client; coaching of witnesses during depositions; ex parte communications by plaintiffs’ counsel with defendants’ current and former employees; and reporting requirements under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002).

Study common ethical pitfalls in employment litigation, as well as current issues of importance in the employment law context. Learn about emerging issues in ethics and professional responsibility while using scenarios drawn from real cases to develop strategies to respond effectively.

Among the concerns practitioners face is the ability to protect communications during the course of joint representation and the potential that the interests of the employer and the employee may be adverse or become adverse in the future.  The ethics panel will examine issues related to internal investigations and union organizing activity as well as ethical issues in workplace investigations. Practitioners will also talk about how employers can ethically use technology in making employment decisions.

Ethical issues abound in the context of employment and labor disputes. Whether representing an employee or the employer, litigators should be aware of common ethical situations encountered in employment litigation and how to resolve them. Sign up today for the Labor & Employment Law Conference to learn from a panel of experts about the high profile cases in the press and unique pretrial motions in employment law litigation. Join the Labor & Employment Section for this two-day conference where leaders in employment and labor law from around the nation will present on timely and important topics for practitioners, including EEOC and NLRB updates, sex and sexual orientation discrimination, USERRA, immigration law and more.

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