As part of the national FBA Civics Initiative, the FBA’s Eastern District of Michigan Chapter hosted Law Day on May 2, 2016 at the U.S. District Court, Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse in Detroit, Michigan. The event was a huge success that ultimately had nearly 200 students in attendance— furthering the initiative’s mission of growing educational knowledge for students around the subject of law.


Throughout the day, students observed panel discussions involving practicing attorneys and judges, primarily on criminal matters consistent with the theme of the 50th Anniversary of Miranda v. Arizona. The students also received guided tours of the courthouse facilities with access to some nonpublic areas. Several federal agencies had display tables in the reception room with agents available to discuss possible careers in government service.

This event also succeeded in engaging students and providing a positive and accurate understanding of the federal system and the role of various federal agencies in law enforcement, immigration, and labor. The effort in planning and staging this event was well-received and productive for education and community relations, thanks in large part to community service project funding from the Foundation of the FBA. The Foundation is proud to support such an event and hopes to assist with similar events in the future.