The emerging field of crimmigration explores the convergence of criminal law and immigration law. Once two distinct areas of legal practice, the fields have become increasingly entwined as a result of political, social, and legal developments.  The Federal Bar Association’s Immigration Law Conference ( on May 18-19, 2018 in Memphis, Tennessee will examine the current issues found at the intersection of immigration law and criminal law.

By providing a framework for the legal challenges that noncitizens face, the 2018 Immigration Law Conference offers the opportunity for scholars and practitioners to advance their understanding of contemporary American crimmigration law in several sessions featuring notable speakers.

Specifically, “Dissecting the Ground of Inadmissibility” and “Categorical and Modified Categorical Analyses of Criminal Convictions” under the auspices of Advanced Crimmigration study will address the historical and modern relationship between criminal law and immigration law. Attendees will get a chance to explore constitutional, statutory, and regulatory provisions concerning criminal proceedings as well as immigration law as they impact noncitizens.

Crimmigration has created a dramatic shift in the interplay between courts, immigrants, and law enforcement. Counsel and judges will break down concepts and issues related to immigration law as it applies to the criminal court system.  This conference will address what types of convictions have adverse immigration effects and what is and is not considered a conviction for immigration purposes.

This dynamic and growing field of law that concerns the intersection of criminal law and immigration law has significant and far-reaching consequences for the purpose of immigration enforcement as well as the use of the deportation system as a method of crime control. The conference will cover the policy implications for immigrants caught up in the criminal justice system who then face deportation.

Reflecting on immigration and crime draws upon a variety of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, political science, and criminology. As such, the Immigration Law Conference is a valuable and vast resource to help understand the challenges faced in the world of crimmigration.

Take a deep dive into current issues affecting both immigration law and criminal law at the Immigration Law Conference. Attendees will learn about issues that arise when non-citizens violate the criminal law; when misdemeanors cause loss of status; best practices for structuring plea deals; immigration detention and processing procedures; the criminalization of asylum seekers; post-conviction relief; and ICE enforcement aspects of crimmigration law, including border policing and civil detention.

As today’s changing political climate impacts the incredibly complex maze of immigration law and policy, the FBA Immigration Law Conference provides a venue for detailed discussions on of-the-moment topics that are critical to immigration law practice. Join legal professionals for a two-day event full of CLE sessions and networking with a large and dedicated community of immigration law practitioners.

Don’t miss the Immigration Law Conference May 18-19 in Memphis, Tennessee for a unique perspective on one of the most important developments in immigration law today: the convergence of immigration and criminal law. Register on or before April 6, 2018 at to take advantage of early bird rates!

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