Understanding the implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Act) will be critical in developing a successful employee compensation and benefits strategy. What are the best ways to address clients’ compensation and benefits concerns? What role does compensation and benefits issues play as global economic opportunities and problems unfold?

The Act is a sweeping bill with the potential to significantly alter executive compensation and employee benefits.  How this legislation will change compensation and benefits programs for private companies, public companies, pension and profit-sharing plans, and tax-exempt organizations will be discussed in detail at the Federal Bar Association’s Insurance Tax Seminar on May 31 – June 1 in Washington, D.C. There’s still time to register online. Visit: www.fedbar.org/instax18.

The 2018 Insurance Tax Seminar explores the key provisions of the Act that will impact various components of an employer’s compensation program – namely, executive compensation, equity awards, employee stock options, deferred compensation plans, qualified retirement plans, fringe benefits, payroll taxes, and employment-related credits.

The Insurance Tax Seminar provides a forum for both sides to share information, exchange ideas, and forge networking relationships with others in the industry. “Tax Reform and Employee Compensation and Benefits” is a panel devoted to evaluating changes in the compensation area under the Act, including the elimination of the performance-based exception to section 162(m) and the transitional rule, and changes to the deducibility of fringe benefits and retirement plans.

Moderator Margaret (Meg) R. McIntyre (Hogan Lovells LLP) with Michael L. Hadley (Davis & Harman LLP) and Daniel Hogans (Groom Law Group) will provide a unique perspective on employee compensation and benefits. Additionally, the Seminar luncheon on May 31 will feature Brion D. Graber (Scribner, Hall & Thompson LLP) and Preston Rutledge (Assistant Secretary Of Labor at the Employee Benefits Administration), both of whom will lend their expertise to the topic.

The Insurance Tax Seminar will address employee benefits and executive compensation issues in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and other corporate transactions.  Explore equity-based and cash-based incentive plans and agreements as well as best practices for advising clients on the full range of tax, ERISA, and other laws affecting benefit plans.

The administrative, legislative, and judicial activity in the compensation taxation field is evolving and complex. As such, the Insurance Tax Seminar provides up-to-date coverage of the federal tax laws concerning executive and employee compensation and benefits with an emphasis on practical considerations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear directly from those who are helping shape our quickly changing regulatory environment. Sign up today for the Insurance Tax Seminar at www.fedbar.org/instax18. It’s the ultimate opportunity to network and learn from esteemed speakers about the latest matters impacting the insurance and tax industry.

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