Blockchains and associated technologies offer unprecedented potential to disrupt legal and financial systems. The rise of legal technology, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and blockchain technology is changing the practice of law. The areas affected by disruptive technology include intellectual property law, finance and banking, criminal law, privacy law, and employment law, to name only a few.

Lawyers should have an understanding of how these disruptive technologies challenge traditional legal assumptions, doctrines, and concepts of law and governance.  Attend the Federal Bar Association’s Annual Meeting and Convention in New York City September 13 – 15, 2018 to expand your knowledge of disruptive technology.  Sign up now at

About Blockchain

Blockchain could benefit numerous industries and forever change the way business is conducted on a global scale. The vast expansion in digital currencies in states across the nation and globally has led to a significant need for attorneys proficient in the cutting-edge use of related legal and regulatory issues.

For starters, blockchain technology provides opportunities and applications through peer-to-peer interactions and transactions in a decentralized network. The decentralized databases are maintained by a network of computers that offer verification and validation of each transaction. Blockchain technology creates a platform for trust between parties that may be transparent and less prone to error and corruption.

Beyond Blockchain

Attend the 2018 Annual Meeting and Convention to get an overview of the most critical challenges involving digital currencies; learn about issues faced by Fortune 500 companies, governments, and start-ups; explore fundamental questions concerning law, finance, and ethics; and take a deep dive into cryptocurrency case law and compliance issues.  Importantly, the Annual Meeting and Convention will demystify the subject of disruptive technologies and provide conceptual and analytical tools for distinguishing the real from the hype.

2018 Annual Meeting and Convention

BLOCKCHAIN 101: FOR LAWYERS DABBLING IN THE AREA! includes experts Steve Pugh (Ionic Security); Rachel V. Rose (Rachel V. Rose – Attorney at Law, PLLC); Alexander N. Tsankov (Block Reaction); and Michael Zussman (OlenderFeldman, LLP) identifying the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underlies them. Panelists will explain how blockchain can become an industry disrupter with regard to banking and other industries. The presentation will explore how to use blockchain as an IP registry as well as the use of smart contracts to assist in the sale and licensing of intellectual property.

EASIEST CATCH: DON’T BE ANOTHER FISH IN THE DARK NET features speaker Mark Lanterman (Chief Technology Officer, Computer Forensic Services) informing attendees of current developments in the digital underground as well as providing realistic advice for cyber protection. Mark Lanterman will be discussing recent high-profile cyber crime events, including website breaches impacting retailers, banks, and government agencies. He will share information about threats that might affect individuals involving the Dark Web, the Internet of Things, phishing, and Wi-Fi attacks.

BLOCKCHAIN: FROM INNOVATION TO REGULATION is a session with Marissa Kim (ARK Advisors); Robert Griffitts (Masur Griffitts + LLP); Steven Masur (Masur Griffitts + LLP); and John Wise (Loci). With blockchain innovation, new legal challenges are created and more strict regulation seems to be on the horizon, with recent statements from governing bodies like the SEC and CFTC regarding token offerings as securities. Expert speakers will discuss blockchain, current regulatory measures that are already underway, and address challenges facing attorneys who are practicing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology space. They will also address ICOs and cryptocurrency as well as what may be in store for the future of blockchain regulators and innovators.


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