The art world is alive with energy. Art occupies many roles and serves many functions for museums, artists, financial institutions, individual collectors, galleries, and governments. The National Arts Club was founded in 1898, and to this day, the private club continues to serve as a gathering place to welcome countless artists of all genres as well as art lovers and patrons.  The mission of The National Arts Club is to stimulate, foster, and promote public interest in the arts and to educate the American people in the fine arts. It is only fitting that the Federal Bar Association’s Art Law & Litigation Conference will take place at The National Arts Club in New York City on February 7, 2019.  Sign up today at

The Art Law & Litigation Conference will provide an unparalleled opportunity for expert insight and career development. This conference is cutting-edge and global in scope. It features presentations on various legal issues that are important to both attorneys and the artists that they represent. This full day of CLE programming navigates a variety of art-related legal topics. Attorneys, as well as art professionals, from gallery owners and auctioneers to museum curators and administrators, will be come together to discuss legal issues within the art world.  The FBA is excited to offer a special bundle discount to attend both the Art Law & Litigation Conference and the Fashion Law Conference (on February 8, 2019 in New York City too)! Learn about the Two Day Registration pricing at

Art law is a rapidly evolving field, domestically and internationally, necessitating a conference that focuses on the legal implications of blockchain and other emerging technologies in the art world. How can the use of blockchain assist in authenticating art and establishing title in art? What are the litigation risks that may arise due to blockchain technology? The Art Law & Litigation Conference may touch upon those topics as well as other legal practice areas, such as intellectual property, contract, immigration, constitutional, tax, commercial, and international law.

The Art Law & Litigation Conference may explore fair use, museum law, cultural property law, Native American art, the intersection of immigration law and the art world, insurance matters, litigation involving visual art, antiquities and law, ethical aspects of working in the commercial art world, copyright protection for artists, stolen art and forgeries, and relationships among parties to an art auction.

Whether your client is an artist, auction houses, gallery, creditor, private collector, donor, museum, or not-for-profit organization/foundation, understanding the legal fundamentals that are intrinsic to this industry is essential to effective counseling. Housed inside the spectacular National Arts Club building on Gramercy Park, the Art Law & Litigation Conference is an event not to be missed! Gain a deep understanding of the complex legal, economic, artistic, social, and ethical issues in the art world, and learn essential skills of analysis and negotiation. Register today at to take advantage of early bird rates.

Stacy Slotnick, Esq. holds a J.D., cum laude, from Touro Law Center and a B.A., summa cum laude, from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She performs a broad range of duties as an entertainment lawyer, including drafting and negotiating contracts; addressing and litigating trademark, copyright, patent, and other IP issues; and directing the strategy and implementation of public relations, blogging, and social media campaigns.