The insurance industry is constantly evolving.  Industry tax professionals, consultants, and IRS representatives must navigate novel, open issues and negotiate their way together through changing regulatory and tax regimes.  The Federal Bar Association’s Insurance Tax Seminar on May 30-31, 2019 will provide case studies, scholarship, and strategic guidance on the latest tax and insurance developments.  Key compliance matters and best practices will also be addressed at the conference held in Washington, D.C.  Sign up today at  

The FBA Section on Taxation will facilitate an important dialogue between insurance industry and government sector professionals  at the Insurance Tax Seminar.  Attendees of the one-and-a-half day conference will have the opportunity to stay up-to-date on federal and state standards, and they will engage in valued professional networking opportunities. 

Throughout the Insurance Tax Seminar program, renowned subject matter experts from “both sides of the aisle” will share information and viewpoints on myriad company tax, product tax, and other penetrating insurance tax topics.  For example, in “Just BEAT and Nothing but the BEAT” panelists will discuss what we know (and don’t know) about the operation of this new statute labeled Base Erosion and Anti-abuse Tax (“BEAT”).  FBA speakers will examine in detail what is BEAT?  What are the tax impacts?  What do companies need to know about BEAT?  What industries are impacted?  Will the soon to be issued final regulations answer the industry’s open questions and concerns?  Join this discussion at the Insurance Tax Seminar on May 30 to find out!

Interested in the latest developments impacting the deductibility of executive compensation and certain business-related expenses?  Panelists at the Insurance Tax Seminar will focus on interim guidance issued by the IRS, specifically Notice 2018-68, Information Release 2018-195, Notice 2018-76, and Notice 2018-99.  The panel will evaluate the new rules in effect impacting the deductibility of meals and entertainment, transit pass programs, and employer provided parking.

Additionally unlike life insurance contracts, the Internal Revenue Code does not contain a comprehensive definition of “annuity contract.”  Rather, the definitional requirements for annuity contracts are derived from a number of statutory, regulatory, and common law principles, many of which focus more on what is not an annuity rather than what is an annuity.  A panel at the Insurance Tax Seminar will explore these authorities and discuss what it takes to be an annuity contract for federal income tax purposes.

GILTI beyond a reasonable doubt?  Don’t miss the Insurance Tax Seminar panel on the Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (“GILTI”) rules of section 951A and the most-recently issued GILTI guidance.  The panel will focus on issues and planning strategies relevant to the insurance industry and how GILTI imposes tax on foreign sourced earnings.  

Attendees of this conference will also have a chance to explore tax developments in the digital age and the new rules of the road for social media.  The intersection of privacy law and tax law presents many open ethical issues in the social media space.  Panelists at the Insurance Tax Seminar will discuss relevant rules and issues, and provide tips on best practices.

Join your fellow practitioners this May in Washington, D.C. for the Insurance Tax Seminar.  Register now at

Stacy Slotnick, Esq. holds a J.D., cum laude, from Touro Law Center and a B.A., summa cum laude, from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She performs a broad range of duties as an entertainment lawyer, including drafting and negotiating contracts; addressing and litigating trademark, copyright, patent, and other IP issues; and directing the strategy and implementation of public relations, blogging, and social media campaigns.